Freedom From Religion: An interview with Dan Barker

by | Mar 12, 2014 | Podcast

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Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor are the co-presidents of Madison’s Freedom From Religion Foundation

Is there freedom from God? We’ve invited believer-turned atheist Dan Barker from Freedom From Religion Foundation to be our guest. This Friday Mr. Barker will be debating atheist-turned-Christian Dr. Jerry Bergman from The Genesis Foundation for an event titled, “Does God Exist?” The debate will be moderated by Mike LeMay.
We want to clarify that today’s interview is not the debate itself; there are no winners here, it is just a conversation. Tomorrow we will interview Dr. Jerry Bergman in the same spirit of getting to know both sides before the debate happens. For obvious reasons, we are not taking phone calls during this interview as so many of you have written to us to share your questions with Mr. Barker.
Dan Barker is the co-founder of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, which boasts 20,000 members and claims to be the largest atheist organization in the United States. FFRF’s lawyers work on countless legal cases to remove God and religious expression from the public arena: in schools, retail businesses, hospitals and throughout the public square, and they have been successful. He writes in his book, Godless: How An Evangelical Preacher Became One of America’s Leading Atheists, that he was once a self-described conservative evangelist who shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ before a five-year journey led him to become an atheist.

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