Letter: “I’ve decided to “home church my children”

by | Mar 14, 2014 | Best of!

We receive a lot of letters from people around the world who have seen the impact of the seeker-driven movement spawned from the Peter Drucker model of turning our churches into businesses, our members into customers and our pastors into CEOs. It’s a model that has broken the hearts of many Christians who are leaving these apostate institutions in order to do the job their leaders won’t do: protect their families from a Gospel-free environment. One such letter came to us today via a husband and father from California:

I’ve been enjoying your show for the last several months now and also checking daily updates through Facebook.  I know that you’ve been exposing the false “feel good” church growth movement. My church in Roseville, California has been teaching a really watered down form of Christianity. They were starting to become very gimmicky and even included part of the movie Shrek in one of the last sermons I went to last fall.
My suspicions that they were heading in the wrong direction were confirmed further today in this cheesy “Sunday Morning Update” video from the youth ministry. Absent is any reference to Jesus Christ, the gospel, the Bible, or anything of substance:
One thing that I was very concerned about was how my children would be taught as they got older. I’ve decided to “home church” them until I can find a true Biblically based church in my area. I have yet not spoken to the pastor as to why I have left the church. I have really been praying and thinking for quite some time exactly how to approach my pastors with my concerns about the watered-down (or even absent doctrine). I have recently heard the term hyper-grace and I think that fits what I have experienced. Very little mention of sin and no mention of repentance.

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