Pastor’s Toolbox emphasizes big days for a specific purpose

by | Mar 26, 2014 | Best of!

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But what is the big purpose?
Should we leverage Big Days (Christmas, Easter and Mother’s Day), so that churches can bring a message of the hope we have in Christ alone for the forgiveness of sins and life eternal with Him? Of course we should. After all, a lot of people go/get dragged to church services on those days, and the one thing they need to hear is the Gospel – in all of its glorious fullness, just like it was preached to churches from the beginning in ACTS.
This article below instructs pastors around the world to go ahead and leverage those Big Days, and offers some nuts and bolts ideas in 9 handy tips. Problem is, Jesus is not mentioned anywhere. Nor is the word “Gospel.” (I searched and came up with nothing.) There is brief reference to “Making a decision for Christ” in Tip #9, but that verbiage is theologically bothersome to me. Especially since in the past, America’s Pastor came up with a campaign to “just try Jesus” for 90 days. Like we can become regenerated by the Holy Spirit and move from death to life in Him, and then just shed that if we don’t like it. But I digress: