Are we under the tithe?

by | Mar 31, 2014 | Podcast

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One of the questions that frequently comes up is on the issue of tithing. In the Old Testament, God’s children were instructed to give a tithe – meaning a tenth – to the temple. Ten percent of their crops, spices, money, etc. Today many Christians ask, does that mean we should give 10 percent of our income, and if so, is that gross or net income?  Or are we even under a tithe today? We’ll see what God’s Word has to say a little later.
First, we’re going to talk about Christianity in the West versus what faith looks like in other parts of the world, and we are going to focus on a tiny segment of the world: The Philippines.  Located in the western Pacific Ocean, this sovereign island country in Southeast Asia consists of 7,107 islands, and Christianity there is growing, as news of the Gospel spreads. Today we are hearing from one of those sharing the Good News. Joining us in our first segment is John De Cleene, who has been a missionary in the Philippines for over 20 years, grew up here in De Pere.  He runs a radio station there, The New J, bringing  the Gospel to millions of people.

Today’s Episode:

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