Is your church “Tasting the Summit?”

by | Apr 7, 2014 | Best of!

summitTo the modern Church: Get ready to taste a new blend of worldliness from your pulpits, as pastors and elders from your communities (including two of the biggest in our listening area), are teaming up to present a tasting of what’s to come at Willow Creek’s 2014 Global Leadership Summit. The problem is, most of the church members are in the dark about this leadership-only event. No, we don’t need to name the churches. These tastes are popping up in communities around the nation and the world, but you wouldn’t ever guess they were happening.
That’s because for many church members, there is a growing distaste for the Willow Creek’s Global Leadership Summit. The partnering of seeker-business model church leaders with those in the business world has become such a bitter point of contention that there now has to be a PR campaign to strategically woo those who have threatened to leave their churches if the elders don’t cut ties with the Willow Creek Association.
Have you “Tasted the Summit?”  
That’s why many WCA member churches and their partners are priming the pump, if you will, to get their local community church members on board for the 2014 Global Leadership Summit. It’s called, Taste The Summit, and it gives church leaders a chance to preview this year’s summit speakers.  Most of these events will take place this spring, before Hybels kicks off his August event. And most of these events will happen well below the radar of congregants, who won’t be invited to these leaders-only previews. In fact, the church members would have to dig to find these events in many cases. You may want to ask your church if your leaders are part of this.
You might also want to ask:
Is bringing together business thought leaders to teach the modern church how to run things what Jesus had in mind when He taught His followers to go and make disciples? Will corporate and political movers and shakers understand that we are to die to ourselves daily, pick up our crosses and follow Him?