Gay rights protesters force Mozilla CEO out of job

by | Apr 3, 2014 | Homosexual Agenda

Brendan EichBreaking news:  Mozilla co-founder CEO Brendan Eich, who came under fire this week for donating to a campaign to support traditional marriage in California, has resigned.

Eich, who became the CEO of the nonprofit company behind Mozilla Firefox on March 24, had donated $1,000 for the successful Proposition 8 ballot measure that passed in the November 2008 state election.

Last year, California’s ban on gay marriage was overturned when the Supreme Court left in place a lower court’s ruling against the measure.

Eich was previously chief technology officer of the company, but had been involved in Mozilla’s development starting from its conception in 1998. The previous acting CEO Jay Sullivan had left the company to pursue “new opportunities,” the company said.

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