God allegedly tells couple to open a pot shop

by | Apr 25, 2014 | Best of! | 1 comment

Medical marijuana Acapulco gold
I’ll say this off the top: f medical marijuana can help some with their excruciating pain, I have no problem with folks who qualify going through the proper channels to find relief. But when you proclaim that God told you to open a pot shop, that’s when we have a problem:

“I started praying, ‘Please help me Lord, I need to do something to be able to earn money.’ So He (God) said, ‘Open up a pot shop. Who are you not to do my will?'” said Bryan, according to TIME magazine.
The Davies opened the medical marijuana shop with the intent of targeting men ages 20 to 30, because “they’ll spend the most on cannabis.” Seven years later, the dispensary has gained a loyal clientele and serves as a vehicle to spread Christianity, according to Bryan.
“I’ve been coming here for four years and I’m a very satisfied customer,” said Martina, reports TIME. “You can’t judge people for sinning differently than you … weed was grown in the garden of Eden, so it’s nothing but God around here.”
In addition, the Davies place Bibles throughout the shop for customers to have and each day they set aside time for shop employees to pray, and include customers who want to join.

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