Jars’ Haseltine responds to Twitter frenzy on Gay Marriage

by | Apr 25, 2014 | Homosexual Agenda | 1 comment

Late Friday rock band Jars  of Clay frontman Dan Haseltine finally responded to the media fury he set off a few days ago with his Twitter tirade in which he supported homosexual marriage and rejected the Scriptural truth his fans tried to share with him. Here is his new blog post titled, Reset. (context…tangent…apology):

In the heat of discussion, I communicated poorly and thus unintentionally wrote that I did not care about what scripture said. Thus, the tsunami hit. It was picked up by bloggers and written into editorials before I could blink. And rightly so, people were shocked and offended by my statement dismissing the value of scripture. I got it. And possibly, I got what that combination of statements warranted for response. I should’ve chosen my words more wisely.
I care about what scripture says. It matters.

Great answer, and thank you for responding. Yes, it does matter.  The question remains though: Do you support gay marriage? Do you agree with what Scripture says, nor not?

In the coming days, I will begin posting some questions on my blog (www.danhaseltine.com, and even doing some interviews around this topic, as I believe there can be healthy dialogue and better understanding even if there is not shared agreement.  I am dedicated to being a life long learner.  With a full heart- Dan

Even if there is not shared agreement.  Hard to tell if he is directing that to his Christian fan base or to the many in the gay community who responded positively to his tirades this week.   Time will tell.
Hat tip to Andy.