Matthew Vines gives LGBT-affirming pastors their talking points

by | Apr 23, 2014 | Homosexual Agenda

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Emergent Leftist Tony Campolo is not the only one hoping traditional churches embrace this book. They want change, and they want it now. “But not yet,” as the sin-affirming leaders are fond of saying. First, they have to lay the groundwork so that those who still cling to the “homosexuality is a sin” belief will slowly change their minds.
To launch his new “God and the Gay Christian” book, activist author Matthew Vines did a live webinar April 22 and answered questions (although he ignored my Scriptural questions), about how to advance the LGBT agenda in Bible-based churches that do not affirm unrepentant sin of any kind.
Give it 5 years, Matthew says, and you’ll be able to advance sin in even the meanest churches. Start today by convincing leadership that you simply want to have a “conversation…”  You can go to Vine’s site and watch the whole thing here for as long as it lasts. But of special interest is the snippet I grabbed where he tells gay-affirming clergy and lay people how to change the paradigm in their traditional churches:
Vines is the founder of the “Reformation Project,” designed to reform churches by changing the minds of even the most staunch conservative (true to the Word) churches in America.