Parent: Transsexual teacher in Appleton, Wis., Pre-K class causes concern

by | Apr 29, 2014 | Education, Homosexual Agenda | 1 comment

4KShould parents be informed  that their four- and five-year-olds will be taught by a transsexual preschool teacher?
An Appleton, Wis., mother says yes, and has contacted the Appleton Area School District about its new 4K program, after her young daughter told her she was confused about why a girl teacher is a boy.
Elisha Perez, a mom of two, says she picked up her daughter last Thursday  from the Play N Grow Learning Center (one of 27 AASD 4K sites), and became aware of a new teacher’s assistant in the classroom.
“I was shocked to learn that the school had hired a transsexual without informing parents,” says Perez. “Before I could even ask my daughter about it, she started telling me about the teacher as soon as we got in the car. She said, ‘Mom, I am confused, because Mr. ___ kind of looks like a girl and sounds like a girl, but his name is Mr. ___.'”
To be clear, the district did not hire the teacher’s assistant. But the day care center that did had decided last week to place the teacher in the district’s 4K classroom.
Perez says she made several calls to the facility and also the Appleton School district to voice her concerns, and was told that Mr. ___ was open and willing to answer students’ questions, and that the he did answer several questions from the youngsters.
“I don’t know what was asked or said, but I am not okay with others teaching my child about LGBT sexuality, because that is my territory as a parent to explain to my child when she is ready,” Perez  says. “I was shocked that they never gave parents any opportunity to voice questions or concern. I have a ton of both.”
Perez  says the district told her that they have no oversight in who the daycare facility hires, as long as the candidate meets the job qualifications and passes a background check.
“I was told by the daycare that if they sent out a letter to describe the situation and offer a platform to discuss questions and concerns, it would have been ‘discriminatory’ because they don’t do that for every new hire.”
In response to Perez’s concerns, school officials have promised to temporarily move the teacher to a different classroom for several days while the school seeks guidance from the school district.
Another point to clarify: the mother says she understands and empathizes with the teacher, and that that this is a tough road for the individual as well. Her main concern, she says, is about the way the situation was handled with students and with other parents who still are unaware.
“As a mother trying to protect her child, I am can’t help but think about the fact that this teacher will still be working in the daycare part of the facility, most likely with many parents still in the dark about it.”
Here is our interview with Perez: