Pastor turns church into “Fight Club”

by | Apr 4, 2014 | Best of!

Screen cap from "FIGHT CHURCH," a new documentary combining fighting with church.

Screen cap from “FIGHT CHURCH,” a new documentary combining fighting with church.

Should congregants gather to see two pastors punch each other in the face?  Grab the popcorn, but no need to bring a Bible to this church.  There’s a whole lot of swinging, punching, kicking, sweating and swaggering, but not much mention of the Gospel here at FIGHT CHURCH. And not much in the way of shirts, either. Upside: the interviewees do recognize that we’ve feminized boys. True, but what in the world does a Fight Club, er, Church, have to do with biblical Christianity?
Check out this trailer for a new documentary:

The new film project asks, “Can you love your neighbor while kneeing him in the face?”

The producers describe it this way:
That’s the pivotal question asked by a subject in FIGHT CHURCH and is the crux of this provocative new documentary from Academy Award® Winner Daniel Junge and Bryan Storkel.
FIGHT CHURCH is a feature-length documentary about the confluence of Christianity and mixed martial arts, including ministries which train fighters. The film follows several pastors and popular fighters in their quest to reconcile their faith with a sport that many consider violent and barbaric. Through their inter-twined narratives, culminating in several riveting fights, FIGHT CHURCH seeks to discuss the compatibility of Christianity and mixed martial arts and, moreover, the confluence of religion and violence in our culture. The film asks provocative questions about sports, masculinity, free will and morality.

Film Harvest & HēLō present, in association with iMogul
Directors: Daniel Junge, Bryan Storkel
Producers: Eben Kostbar, Joseph McKelheer
Executive Producers: Dave MacLean, Drew Plotkin, Chris LeSchack, Shreehari Desikan

Hat tip to Lori Williams