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by | Apr 28, 2014 | Persecution, Podcast

bible in chainsWhat is the “shelf life” of Stand Up For The Truth and other ministries that publicly make a stand for God’s Word, when it flies in the face of popular opinion and activism?
As more churches embrace the Gay Affirming paradigm, will those who lovingly cling to the Truth be silenced? Will we be forced to go underground? Are you concerned that this could happen to you?Someday, those activists and proponents of evil will have their way in this world. But not yet.  We still have the freedom to speak the truth about the whole counsel of Scripture…for now.
That phrase, “But not yet,” is a popular slogan for the homosexual marriage posters, and used in reference to another popular slogan from the LGBTQ crowd, “It gets better.”  But Not yet is a clarion call for gay activists to get involved to change laws and more importantly – start with popular opinion beginning with our youngest citizens in the classrooms.
Today you’ll hear about some local preschoolers who are being educated on transsexuality – by a transsexual who was hired by the district to teach in the government system.  You’re also going to hear the latest update from the lead singer of Jars of Clay – a Christian musician who has now responded to his fans about his Twitter tirade last week in support of honosexual marriage. Did he apologize and repent?  We’ll read his statement and let you decide.

Today’s Episode:

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Up first, there are several groups working around the clock to not only make sure Christian voices are silenced – but laws are enacted to keep us from standing on the truth of God’s Word. One of those groups is the Freedom From Religion Foundation in Madison – and we recently interviewed the president, Dan Barker – about his work there. Today we’re checking in with local writer and political pundit Robert Meyer. Robert writes for RenewAmerica, and his latest article is titled, Freedom From Religion Foundation: Smash-mouth atheism.