I apologize for the comments on our site!

by | May 22, 2014 | Best of!

sorryMany of you have shared your thoughts, beliefs, Scriptures and responses on our blog posts, and I thank you. On a daily basis I get about 100 or so comments to approve (or mark as Spam) on this website.  As we grow, it’s a great problem to have! Unfortunately I confess that I have not done this perfectly.
The reality is that it is getting more challenging to manage all of the posts that come in. Most of them are now held in moderation so that I can look at each one. And while I don’t always agree with or respond to each one, I think it is important that your thoughts are heard. (Be sure to read our comments policy about why and when I do delete inappropriate comments.)
The other day I noticed that some of the comments I approved didn’t make it into the conversation. I approved them, but when I checked on our site those comments were nowhere to be found!
As I investigated the troubleshooting area of our comments software (we now use the Intense Debate plug-in from WordPress), I found the problem: My settings were all wrong.
Once I fixed it, I was dismayed to discover that there were 334 comments – great comments! – waiting for me to approve. These go all the way back to February. So I am taking a few hours to read each one again and moderate. My sincerest apologies if yours was among the many that have not appeared in our articles. I promise I am not trying to silence your voice!
Be blessed,