Even the most vigilant watchman or woman can become discouraged by the massive pressure building in our nation and around the world to change the church. Some churches are still standing firm for truth, with leaders committed to protecting their flocks from the yeast. But a growing number on every continent are secretly (and in many cases not-so-secretly) trashing the Holy Spirit of God embracing the spirit of the age. A little later in the program we will cover some disheartening news from some of the largest and most influential Christian churches around the globe.

How to we keep up the good fight amid the great falling away that Jesus warned us would happen?  We stay grounded in the Word and we stand with and for one another, pointing each other to the true hope we have in Christ.

In this first segment, we are joined by Jay Seegert, an author, international speaker and co-founder of the  Creation Education Center. He is the author of a great resource book titled Let There Be Light. Jay knows well the attacks on God’s Word, and has been on the front lines shining light of Truth for many years.