What did Glenn Beck preach at Liberty University?

by | May 1, 2014 | Best of! | 1 comment

Courtesy Apprising Ministries

Courtesy Apprising Ministries

Alumnus of Liberty University have yet another cause to scratch their heads and wonder about the discernment in the selection process of the Christian university’s speakers.
This week LU hosted a Mormon – and a rather well-known one at that, to speak not about politics or Common Core, but about theological issues. Faith.
What can a Mormon tell Christian students about faith?  Here is the video:

Over at Apprising Ministries, Ken Silva reports that an article written byGreg Leasure of the Liberty Champion, Liberty University’s newspaper explains that Glenn Beck inspired students and faculty at the Christian college’s Convocation this week, reporting:

Former Fox News talk show host challenges students to find their purpose and keep faith as their foundation… also in attendance [was] Liberty President Jerry Falwell [who] gave Beck a glowing introduction.
“He spoke here for our Commencement in 2010, … (and) at that time I told the crowd at Commencement, ‘Glenn Beck has risen to influence American culture at a pivotal time in our history. His message has engaged millions of Americans in a struggle to preserve their nation’s founding ideals…’ That is even more true today than it was four years ago.” (source)

Here is the rest of Ken Silva’s well-documented report on why this would be problematic.