Here’s your Willow Creek/Global Leadership Summit research

by | May 29, 2014 | Best of! | 7 comments

We’ve been getting a lot of calls and emails regarding our hard stance against the Willow Creek Association and the Global Leadership Summit spearheaded by Pastor Bill Hybels. Many church leaders are wondering why their congregants are knocking on the pastor’s door, wanting to know why their church is involved in such agenda-driven carnality. If that sounds harsh, then consider the following research links, articles and podcasts discussing the concerning problems associated with this movement:

  1.         Is Your Church “Tasting The Summit?”
  2.         Why I Won’t Be Attending Willow Creek’s Leadership Summit Again This Year
  3.         Leadership And The Willow Creek Summit
  4.         Why Are Lynn Hybels, Tony Campolo And Shane Claiborne Hosting Anti-Israel “Christ At The Checkpoint?”
  5.         Hybels, Wallis Join For Justice Conference
  6.         Evangelicals Embrace Replacement Theology
  7.         Starbucks Ceo Says No To Speaking At Former “Ex-Gay” Church-Updated [Hybels Video Added]
  8.         When Church Means Business
  9.         Should You Judge A Church By Its Bookstore?
  10.         Who Is Peter Drucker, And What Did He Do With Our Church?
  11.         Church Of Tares And The Real Roots Of The Emergent Movement
  12.         Oprah, Hybels Join Star-Studded “Triumphant Journey” Gala Honoring T.D. Jakes
  13.         Leadership: Are We Leaving Jesus Out Of It?
  14.         Religious Leaders Of All Stripes Endorse Son Of God Movie

If after doing your own research (and comparing all of it to the light of Scripture), what conclusions do you reach?
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