Heresies about Jesus and the trinity

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The Shield of the Trinity is a diagram of the ...

The “shield of trinity” drawing that is a good representation of how to understand God in 3 persons, and what the trinity is and is not.

So how well do you know what you believe and why you believe it? Every episode of Stand Up For The Truth begins with a firm statement: The Bible is the one source of absolute Truth. And if you know “just enough to be dangerous,” you probably are!
When it comes to knowing the Scriptures God has breathed out to us through the Holy Spirit, most of us have a lot of learning yet to do before we leave this earth. And sadly, much of what is being taught in the Body of Christ today (how to navigate life, how to clean up your finance, how to pray for prosperity), has little to do with why Jesus came and what He asks of us.
CARM has an incredible wealth of resources to help you explore more about the Bible, including a list of common Christian heresies being taught as truth in our churches:


  • Adoptionism – God granted Jesus powers and then adopted him as a Son.
  • Albigenses – Reincarnation and two gods: one good and other evil.
  • Apollinarianism – Jesus divine will overshadowed and replaced the human.
  • Arianism – Jesus was a lesser, created being.
  • Docetism – Jesus was divine, but only seemed to be human.
  • Donatism – Validity of sacraments depends on character of the minister.
  • Gnosticism – Dualism of good and bad and special knowledge for salvation.
  • Kenosis – Jesus gave up some divine attributes while on earth.
  • Modalism – God is one person in three modes.
  • Monarchianism – God is one person.
  • Monophysitism – Jesus had only one nature: divine.
  • Nestorianism – Jesus was two persons.
  • Patripassionism – The Father suffered on the cross
  • Pelagianism – Man is unaffected by the fall and can keep all of God’s laws.
  • Semi-Pelagianism – Man and God cooperate to achieve man’s salvation.
  • Socinianism – Denial of the Trinity. Jesus is a deified man.
  • Subordinationism – The Son is lesser than the Father in essence and or attributes.
  • Tritheism – the Trinity is really three separate gods.