headacheCan so-called inner-healing ministries lead to harm? Yes! Recently we interviewed T.A. McMahon from the Berean Call, who warned about these counseling ministries that take us into the spiritual realms of darkness to access memories we may have hidden.  We discussed two types, but there are others: “SOZO” is a psycho-spiritual deliverance and inner healing methodology birthed out of Bethel Church in Redding, California (think signs, wonders and gold glitter “glory clouds.”) Theophostic counseling is a guided meditation and age regression technique that helps counselees conjure up images of painful childhood memories through visions. (See “WHY THEOPHOSTIC PRAYER MINISTRY IS NEITHER PRAYER NOR CHRISTIAN MINISTRY”)
Over the weekend we received the following letter from a woman in the Netherlands named Sonja. She allowed me to share it in hopes that it will allow others who are suffering from abuse to heal through Christ.
Dear Stand Up For The Truth,
Thank you for the interview with Tom McMahon. People can’t be warned enough about these things.
When I became a christian I quickly got involved with a healing ministry.
They prayed for physical healing, but also inner healing and deliverance.
I started going forward to get prayer for my headaches.
But soon they started praying for inner healing (they thought childhood trauma caused the headaches).
Eventually my life became a mess and I went to see a christian psychologist. He diagnosed me with DID (dissociative identity disorder) otherwise know as multiple personality disorder. I was deep, deep  into false memories, including satanic ritual abuse.
People kept telling me that it was from God. We prayed for help, for protection, no way God would give me a stone when I asked for a bread. So I believed them. I knew I wasn’t making it up, so it had to be God, right? Wrong!
Nine years later I decided it wasn’t true. I wasn’t abused, I could not have forgotten that much, I was deceived.
It took a long time to recover from all the bad teachings and abuse by counselors. And learning to trust God and His Word again.
I’m very grateful my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ has protected me and has forgiven me for my sins and this sin in particular,
We’re attending a Dutch Reformed Church now and we stay away of bad teaching.
I live in the Netherlands and this type of counseling is a big problem here.
In Christ,
Thoughts? Have you had similar experiences with Christian psychology or healing ministries?