The modern church and Neo Paganism: an interview with Bob DeWaay

by | May 16, 2014 | Environmentalism, New Age, Podcast

butterflyIf you’ve never heard of terms like eco-feminism, panentheism or internconnectedness, you’ll want to take notes on what today’s guest has to say. If you guessed that these are pagan terms, you are correct. But did you know that this new kind of paganism has a strong foothold in a growing number of modern churches? This “New Paganism” has infected the modernchurch like a relentless cancer.
About a year ago, we stumbled across and shared a fantastic book review on Anne Vosscamp’s “1,000 Gifts” book, which introduces a new generation of women to romantic panentheism. It was written by Pastor Bob DeWaay. He has recently written a new article which we’ve also reprinted with his permission, titled How Neo-paganism Deceives the World and the Church:  Why Nature Religions Predominate. 
Today’s Episode:

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Bob DeWaay is the senior pastor of  Gospel of Grace Fellowship in Minnesota, and author of the book, “Redefining Christianity: Understanding the ‘Purpose Driven’ Movement.” He is also the founder of Critical Issues Commentary, and a few years ago was personally invited by Rick Warren to come to Saddleback Church (along with Chris Rosebrough),and asked Rick Warren to preach Christ!