Rachel Held Evans, Jay Bakker, Tony Jones push Matthew Vines’ agenda

by | May 12, 2014 | Homosexual Agenda, Progressive Christianity | 5 comments

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How to you get the homosexual movement to burst open the front doors of those stodgy traditional churches and let the rainbow light shine through? You add some star power to your cause. The only problem is that Rachel Held Evans, Jay Bakker and Tony Jones have beliefs that go beyond questionable and into full-blown heresy. (See related link below) Both Tony Jones and Jay Bakker have denied the atonement of Christ’s shed blood on the cross. And all three, including Held-Evans, have been pushing the gay agenda for years.
Author Matthew Vines has invited the three – who are some of the most well-known Christian progressive voices — to join him in a live web event to push Vines’ new book,  God and the Gay Christian: The Biblical Case in Support of Same-Sex Relationships. The book and the accompanying moment are aimed toward getting Bible-based churches (the ones that still hold to Scripture as the inerrant, authoritative and sufficient breathed-out Word of God), to change their minds about what God says is sin.

Rachel Held Evans, Jay Bakker, Tony Jones, and I are meeting up for a live chat about God and the Gay Christian on Wednesday — and you’re invited! On Wednesday at 12pm Eastern, I will be joined by popular Christian authors Rachel Held Evans (A Year of Biblical Womanhood), Jay Bakker (Fall to Grace), and Tony Jones (The New Christians) for a live webcast about my new book, If you’d like to participate, register in advance through Patheos at this link.

Will Vines and his Reformation Project really reform the visible church? I beleive the answer is yes, as far as the pot-modern church goes. And so do people like Butler religion professor James McGrath:”I can well imagine that a century from now, people may look back to this book as the one that decisively turned the tide regarding conservative Christians’ views on homosexuality.”
But rest assured, the true Bride of Christ will remain spotless and unblemished by the sin of the world, even if it’s packaged up all nice and humble, like this: