What’s mysticism doing at a Christian leadership conference?

by | May 1, 2014 | New Age | 1 comment

Catalyst Dallas - Centering prayer session

Catalyst Dallas – Centering prayer session

Remember when Pastor Rick Warren posted a tutorial on Centering Prayer on his Pastor’s Toolbox website, encouraging thousands of pastors to teach their congregants to go into the silence?  No? That’s probably because he yanked it down after biblically sound Christians sounded the alarm bells in his comments section. (Good thing there’s screen capture.)
Now thousands of young Christian leaders are getting a front-row seat to this mystical practice, at this year’s  Catalyst Leadership Conference in Dallas.
As someone who has attended Catalyst conferences and who knows full well that young leaders are taught the social justice, business growth model “gospels” there, I can tell you that you will not find much in the way of biblical discipleship tutorials or the sharing of the Gospel, nor will you find much about repentance and holiness unless it’s whispered in the hall. I know that’s tough talk…