Is the Church Listing to the Left?

by | Jun 5, 2014 | Podcast

As the Body of Christ, do we understand the immediate and dire situation that the remnant faces in the church? Are we listening to the classical stringed quartet playing soothing lullabies on the promenade deck, while the ship is listing to the left? Or are we urging our brothers and sisters off the ship and into the lifeboats while there is still time?
We realize that no matter how many discernment ministries warn of the times we are in and the trends impacting the visible church, we will never be able to save the ship – to make her right again. But we can help you, our listeners, understand the warnings that Jesus Christ Himself gave us, so that we can snatch as many sheep away from the perils of the waves as we can.
So today we’re going to attempt to do that by equipping you to what many of us have been doing: helping our loved ones to safety. We’re going to ask for your input today on several news stories that in the end, will impact every one of us who calls him or herself a Christian.
A little later on, we’re asking how you would respond if a friend of yours – a new Christian – climbed on board the Matthew Vines, Gay Christianity bandwagon. A popular Fox News mouthpiece, Kirsten Powers, has done that in a recent USA Today article. If she were your friend, what would you tell her?
But first, we’re going to check in with Julaine Appling.