Gay Days at Disney Theme Parks a surprise for unsuspecting families

by | Jun 4, 2014 | Homosexual Agenda | 2 comments

Gay 1Taking the kids to Disney?  Many Christian groups have been warning for years that “Gay Days” at the Orlando theme park are not suitable times to take the family to see Mickey Mouse. And if you didn’t know about this annual event, you might not want to support this organization any other time of the year, for that matter. Disney may not officially coordinate the event, but as you’ll see in a testimony near the end of this article, the event has gotten progressively worse in the past few years. (Pardon the pun)
Why am I sharing this?

1. Because some of you aren’t aware that family-oriented Disney has a much different orientation than you thought.

2. Because I’ve watched in dismay as women who call themselves Christian say they take their kids intentionally during this time because of the fewer crowds at the kiddie rides.

The Florida Family Association (FFA), which monitors the unofficial celebration, issued their yearly warning.
“FFA spokesman David Caton advises the day to avoid this year is Saturday, June 7. As many as 12,000 homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals and transvestites will descend on Disney World, he says. Caton further warned followers “they are there not just to enjoy themselves, but to celebrate their lifestyle in front of unsuspecting families who did not know in advance.”
Gay schedule
FFA also plans to fly their bi-planed driven banner stating “Warning Gay Day at Disney 6/7” across the park this week in advance of the big day on Saturday.
Gay day warning
Even some homosexuals see a problem with this display of debauchery:

For the record, I’m a 42-year old gay man living in Orlando. I’ve been to Gay Days before, and thought it was a little bit over the top, but always bit my lip – especially here on the site. This year though, it just seems completely out of control, and I wanted to get this off my chest.

I’ve watched over the years as Gay Days has grown in scope and size. What once was a small group of well-meaning gay men and lesbians has grown – and in my opinion, deformed – into what is now nothing more than a vile spectacle of self indulgence and indecency.

No matter how prudish that last sentence may sound, trust me – I’m no prude. I have a liberal streak that cuts through me like a hot knife through butter, but I like to think that I was raised with a certain sense of decency and a pretty good sense of right and wrong. There is a time and a place for everything, and Disney World is neither in this instance.