Grade School Children Brainwashed to Celebrate Gay Pride

by | Jun 11, 2014 | Homosexual Agenda | 5 comments

UPDATE: The school has removed its video. hopefully out of red-faced shame. Luckily we kept a copy for the record:

Gay pride clapalong

A Gay Pride clap-along and musical show. In public school.

The only thing appropriate about this story is the name of the website from where I found it: Moonbattery. Indeed. If you can watch the video without weeping, please do:
If this video doesn’t make you yank your children out of government-indoctrination institutions, I don’t know what will.  Here’s the story:

Grade School Children Brainwashed to Celebrate Sexual Perversion in Oakland Public School

Gay pride assembly 1The establishment media is complicit in the “fundamental transformation” of America, so we can hardly expect it to be forthcoming regarding what that transformation entails. That’s why sites like this one are grateful for first-hand reports on situations unlikely to be exposed on the evening news. This email from a concerned parent is a prime example:

I am a parent in Oakland, California and I have a kindergartner in public school. My child came home [Thursday] and told me about the MANDATORY assembly for gay “pride” month. Parents had NO idea this was going to happen and I’m totally blindsided by it.
There is a video on the school’s website showing the assembly… It was nothing more than homosexual indoctrination about the meaning of the rainbow flag and “queer” history. On stage was the rainbow flag but NO American flag. And then a “gay men’s chorus” sang songs about homosexual “freedom.”
This is an elementary school and children as young as 5 were present. Like I said, parents were NOT informed in advance. My child brought home a bookmark with the rainbow flag on it and a quote from radical lesbian poet activist, Audre Lorde, whose work includes a book called “Uses of the Erotic.” This is for Elementary School! …
Then they show videos about how all “families” are the same – two dads, two moms, etc.
If you send children to a government school, you may be subjecting them to this nauseating brand of brainwashing, which is intended to undermine millennia-old conceptions of family and morality. If you pay property taxes, you finance it.
Let’s close today’s lesson with a quote from a Founding Father of progressivism:

When an opponent declares, “I will not come over to your side,” I calmly say, “Your child belongs to us already… What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.”