How to help seeker-trained Christians understand the Gospel

by | Jun 13, 2014 | Best of!

Seeker lessonTired of all the “negative, hateful news” we share here?
Oh please, please, PLEASE listen to the best news of all.
(I never said it would be easy to listen to – but WOW, will you be blessed!)
Here, we see street evangelist Todd Friel preaching God’s Word to those who do not believe, and is confronted by a young man who feels that perhaps Todd needs to tone it down because the Gospel is offensive. “It was hard for me to listen to, I guess.”
(If you’re not with Todd or his Wretched TV and Radio network, his videos are like fresh potato chips – you can’t watch just one.)
What Todd shared here was so encouraging. I hope more young people who’ve been brought up in the seeker, watered-down Post-Modern church will be encouraged also. Take a listen: