good and evil

Isaiah 5:20 warns us with a WOE: “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil.” And we’re going to be discussing that warning today in light of a new summer blockbuster that has come out over the weekend to astounding box office earnings. It’s called “Maleficent,” based on Disney’s Sleeping Beauty cartoon fairy tale we all grew up with. But this is not that cartoon.

The new version starring Angelina Jolie is a revisioned, behind-the-scenes look at Disney’s most evil character, and turns this so-called “source of all evil,” into a sympathetic hero who saves the day. The good king – and all the other humans are the evil ones who destroy everything good. Have you seen the movie? We invite you to weigh in today.

Earlier this week we shared a couple of movie reviews on our website about a more concerning and subtle theme in this film, with the warning that perhaps young minds are being trained to have sympathy for Satan – or in this case characters that are metaphors for Satan. Some of you right now may be hearing us say, “Disney is evil.” Or, “Don’t let your kids see a movie with evil characters.” This is NOT what we are asking you to consider today.

Disney's Maleficent doll for $34.99 is already sold out and on backorder

Disney’s Maleficent doll for $34.99 is already sold out and on backorder

We had the chance to sit down with the writer of this movie review that is getting a lot of attention across the blogosphere. Her name is Natalina, and her website is called Extraordinary Intelligence. The article she wrote, Sympathy for the Devil: Review of Disney’s “Maleficent,” takes an opposite stance of what some Christian movie review sites will tell you that it is a tale of redemption.

Redemption stories are great, and need to be told often. But as Natalina explains, Maleficent is not a story of redemption, but something else entirely.

Natalina’s own redemption story is pretty amazing, and we’re going to start there.