UPDATE: Meriam Ibrahim Re-Arrested, and now Re-Released.

by | Jun 24, 2014 | Islam

Miriam Ibriham via NBC News

Meriam Ibrahim via NBC News

At this moment,  Meriam Ibrahim is safe after being re-released. The Christian Post reports she is once again free, stating, “another update on Tuesday has confirmed that Ibrahim has once again been released by Sudanese authorities.

The arrest:

This morning we learned that the mother who was freed from death row for refusing to renounce Christianity was been re-arrested just a day later while trying to leave Sudan, her lawyer told NBC News on Tuesday. Meriam Ibrahim, 27, was “very happy” after an appeals court on Monday overturned a death sentence imposed because she married a Christian man and was alleged to have turned her back on Islam. But lawyer Elshareef Ali Mohammed said a group of 50 security force personnel arrested her during an angry confrontation at the airport in the capital Khartoum on Tuesday.Mohammed, who was at the airport with Ibrahim, said the security forces did not give him a reason for her re-arrest, and made no reference to her dropped case even when he identified himself as her lawyer. He said Ibrahim had been taken to a detention center accompanied by her two children and husband Daniel Wani, who insisted on going with her. “I have no more information,” he said. “They knew she had been cleared by the court but they have re-arrested her – I don’t know why.” Source: NBC News