Bowling alley

This story hit the secular and religious newswires yesterday. As I scrolled through the slide show of the bowling alley, coffee shop, video arcade and giant bridge in this multi-domed, multi-million dollar expansion, a couple of things come to mind. First, the glaring omission of Jesus, the Gospel, the Bible, etc., in all of the news stories and the many quotes from church leadership. Secondly, every square inch of this stunning monument to entertainment will someday become a charred pile of worthless dust. It won’t last.  Will anything of eternal value come out of her?

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama – Faith Chapel Christian Center, which has seven dome structures on its Wylam campus including a 12-lane bowling alley, will be open for tours today. The church’s $26 million multi-purpose recreation complex, The Bridge, consists of six interconnected domes including Tuscany Lanes and Tuscany Café, The Venue, which hosts receptions and parties, The FitZone, which has a basketball court and workout equipment, and Xtreme Kids, an indoor playground with climbing playsets including a Noah’s Ark and rocket.

Sadly, This church will not be known not for Jesus Christ, but for its bowling alley. Read more and view the slideshow here: