Clowning around with Christ?

by | Jul 23, 2014 | Podcast

A Clown.
The Bible has a lot to say about scoffers and mockers in the last days. Later  you’ll hear about a new re-imagined “bible” titled “God is Disappointed In You,” which mocks God and Christians.  Also news of a new cable  television program called “Black Jesus” which debuts next week about a Jesus that curses like a sailor. Some Christians are launching a campaign to get it cancelled before it airs. What do you think of their effort to do that?
First, there seems to be a growing movement in some churches to avoid teaching out of Genesis and Revelation. What has been the result? Does this impact people’s theologies and open the door for apostate movements? Pastor Chris Quintana joins us to discuss the evangelical shift…er, DRIFT. He is senior pastor at Calvary Chapel Cypress in California.

Today’s Episode:

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