NOTE: Due to a glitch, we do not have today’s podcast available. But we did interview our guest Lynn Wilder for an upcoming Naomi’s Table episode, and will include that podcast here when it airs in a few days.

Michael and Lynn Wilder

Michael and Lynn Wilder

“What if what you’ve believed your whole life isn’t the real Christ? Truth is everything. It does have eternal consequences.”~ Lynn Wilder, former Mormon & BYU professor and now born-again Christian.

Today we are meeting a woman whose testimony into and out of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (a.k.a. Mormonism), is a cautionary tale with an overall message for all of us, and that this this: If you don’t know what you believe and why you believe it; if you don’t learn about the Jesus Christ of the Bible and you don’t spend time in His breathed-out Word, you may be ripe for the lies of the enemy.

That’s what happened to Lynn Wilder one day when her doorbell rang and she was face to face with two young Mormon missionaries. In the three decades to follow, she and her husband became movers and shakers in the Mormon faith, and Lynn even was an associate professor at Brigham Young University. She believed in Jesus. She believed in His death and resurrection for her sins.  And her three sons were now missionaries too. So what happened to shake her world? She met the real Jesus of the Scripture.  (More on her story here)

Unveiling GraceLynn wrote a book about her journey, Unveiling Grace:  The story of how we found our way out of the Mormon Church

Lynn’s is one of many stories of Mormons who have been born again, featured in the film, Unveiling Grace. Learn more here at Mormonism Research Ministry