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If you are looking for a full-length feature film to watch this weekend, I’ve included it below. It’s called “DIVIDED,” and it features folks like Ken Ham and Pastor Voddie Baucham.

Note to pastors, and in particular youth pastors: I shared this video today and it really touched a nerve with parents, grandparents and students. This is not a film to be taken as a slam against the church or against youth pastors, but as a cautionary tale about the structure we’ve allowed to separate our children from the rest of the congregation, to what many of us fear is a very dangerous end. With more than 80 percent of young people walking away from their faith FOREVER when they leave high school, we think this may well be part of the cause. Nowhere in Scripture do we see this youth group model. Not that peer fellowship is a bad thing, but what about parental and elder influence? Where is the fellowship with the whole church, teaching young men and women to be…men and women?

Here’s the video. Tell us what you think!