How should Christians react when leaders are called to step aside, or step down because of issues with morality, character or false teaching? Are we the first to say, “good, he’s finally got what’s coming,” or are we prayerfully and humbly lifting the situation and those involved in prayer that God may be glorified and that person restored? We’re going to talk about that today later in the program, in light of one high profile case in the news these days.

In the first segment, the latest news from the Middle East. We’re checking in with Laurie Cardoza Moore, founder of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations (PJTN), and bring you up to date on the war in Israel and Gaza. PJTN is a ministry to educate Christian believers about biblical truth as it relates to Israel, and the dangerous lies that we’re being told in the West about the true nature of events in the Middle East.