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 Have you ever been spiritually manipulated or abused by those in power? Many of you are carrying unimaginable hurts and betrayals from a place where none of that is supposed to happen: in a church. We will share your comments and questions during our program. Plus we’ll share the astounding statement made by one celebrity megapastor’s wife about what God really wants for us. That statement went viral these past few days on the internet of Victoria Osteen, and we’ll share the audio of what she said and see what our guest has to say.

Our guest today is Ingrid Schlueter  Ingrid grew up in Christian broadcasting and began producing Christian talk radio at the age of 21. For 7 years, she was publisher of Slice of Laodicea, one of the pioneer Christian blogs covering the compelling spiritual issues of the day. For twenty-three years she produced and co-hosted a syndicated Christian radio show based in Milwaukee, and she continues to track and research the tremendous changes within evangelicalism. You can catch up with Ingrid on her personal website, The Hope Blog.

Today’s Episode:

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Victoria Osteen’s statement here: