wikiToday we need to have a frank talk on events in the Middle East. The main stream media has its spin—with an agenda and without the backdrop of the Word of God.And I would like your calls and emails on this subject in the second segment: The horrible video that came out yesterday of the Syrian man being forced at the point of the sword to deny his Christian faith—he did and was beheaded by ISIS terrorists.

First we turn our attention on media and entertainment. It doesn’t take a genius to see the agenda of Hollywood or network television—present as much sex and violence as permissible to a public that cannot seem to get enough of it.

But recently Hollywood, and even television networks, are trying to appeal to Christians with reality shows and movies. And we know of course the motive is the almighty dollar. Should Christians accept threes table scraps that the God-hating world throws our way to appease and seduce us? Or should we expect something better from ourselves?

Rich Christiano, a Christian film maker joins us in our first segment this morning. Rich and his brother have produced many solid Christian movies and the latest is set to debut right here in Green Bay and Appleton on October 17th—“A Matter of Faith”. You can check out Rich Christiano’s company,