The answer to the question:

by | Sep 24, 2014 | Emergent Church

This is the latest invitation to the premiere Emergent gathering of emergent leaders: Catalyst 2014.  The keynote speaker is Mark Batterson, author of the Circle Maker book that teaches us how to draw circles around our prayers and not move until God answers them (based on a mystic named Honi who does not appear in the Bible.)
Along with the above question comes the compelling invitation. It’s the kind of copy I create for my corporate clients:


Mark Batterson

Our culture is constantly advancing, constantly shifting, constantly adapting, and if you want to stay ahead you have to know what’s coming before it gets here.

Catalyst Next is a gathering created just for you. We know you’re a change maker. A forward thinking, innovative leader who wants to be ahead of the curve in addressing the issues and questions our culture is grappling with. This gathering will help us answer those very questions. Whether you are leading a church, non-profit, or business, we invite you to join us live in D.C. or by stream, for a day of intentional conversations around what’s NEXT for the church as we embrace progress and spearhead change for the sake of advancing Kingdom initiatives.


  • Where is Jesus? Is He invited?
  • What is a “Kingdom initiative”?
  • Why do we have to stay ahead of the shifting culture?
  • What is an “intentional conversation”?

If we want to know what’s next for the Church, we look to Jesus who warned that there would be a great falling away, that ears would be tickled, and that deception would be rampant – In. The. Church.