The Frog, The Pot, and the Singularity

by | Sep 14, 2014 | Podcast

frog potDoes it seem like a lot of insidious news headlines and movements are converging on us all at once?  It’s not your imagination; things are profoundly accelerating, just as Jesus said they would.
It’s been happening slowly for a long time, just like that frog in a pot of cool water, set on the stove and turned up to high.  No matter how many friends try to warn the frog that things are about to get too hot for him to handle, he’s too comfortable to believe it; until it is too late. Here at Stand Up For The Truth we liken the warning we give as “Frog horns,” hoping that we can snatch a few away from the danger. We’ve been covering these exponential changes for the past four years, and we’ve noticed just recently these changes have exploded in every aspect of life.
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Mary Danielsen joins us to discuss how close we are to the boiling point. You can find her reports on the high-tech influences used by world governments to keep tabs on its citizens. She shares this on her The Things to Come blog. Mary is also launching a new ministry feature here on our radio station called the 2-Minute Warning.
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