Spin artLots of Christian celebrities are hiring public relations agencies these days, especially in times of trouble. Mark Driscoll did, Rick Warren did, and now Dove-award winning singer Michael Gungor has too. In fact Gungor has contracted with Frederick & Associates – the same company Saddleback Church has used – to “help with press” he is getting for denying the historicity of the people in the Book of Genesis and for calling Jesus either  mistaken or a liar about whether Adam was a real man.

Hunter Frederick, founder, crisis manager and publicist of Frederick & Associates, contacted us today to offer “an open line of communication regrading any more stories about this topic.” We replied that we have responded to Michael Gungor’s comments on our website with an invitation to come on our program to explain his comments. The firm has responded that Gungor was only going to talk with Relevant Magazine in an upcoming issue as an “exclusive.”

Our radio pulled pulled support from the local Power of One event put on by Life Promotions in which Gungor is to perform.   Station manager Mike LeMay notes, “what Michael has stated as his beliefs are extremely serious issues, questioning the very divinity of Jesus Himself.  This is beyond PR.  This cuts to Michael’s stated beliefs as a professing Christian.”