911 Memorial

911 Memorial

Today we look back at 13 years ago, when Muslim terrorists murdered more than 3,000 Americans in the 9/11 attacks. A few thoughts on where we have come since that time:

Churches reported an all time high in attendance the Sunday after 9/11. The following week saw attendance revert back below where it was before the attack.

Our nation began to unravel that day—the weaker belly of America was exposed that day. We thought because of our military might and strong economy, we were impervious to danger. We were wrong!

Our economy has began unraveling through a series of financially disastrous decisions made by Washington DC, along with an insatiable appetite for greed and wealth from many on Wall Street.

We started forcing banks to give loans to people with a history of bad financial decisions. We saw the government start to take over the auto and housing industry through severe regulations and bail outs, culminating in ObamaCare.

We accelerated the misguided notion that government could solve problems instead of causing them. The result: Our nation is buried under a mountain of debt that is probably impossible to recover from.

But something else began to happen after 9/11: We lost the courage of our convictions.

Pastors decided we would reach out to Muslim leaders and seek common ground with a religion the Bible defines as ‘anti-Christ”.

President George W. Bush—a professing believer—publicly stated he believed that Muslims and Christians worship the same God, even though if one actually reads the Bible and the Koran, anyone with an IQ above 40 can see that Allah is not the God of the Bible.

President Obama—another professing Christian—pressed hard to make sure abortion services could be provided free upon demand and that homosexual marriage became a right to Americans. In his first speech on foreign territory, he embraced the Muslim Brotherhood, ushering in the debacle we have come to know as the Arab Spring.

Today the Middle East is on fire as radical Muslims, including the Muslim Brotherhood, massacre Christians and non-radical Muslims.

But as sad as all these things are—and as ominous as they are for the future of America—something even worse has happened to our nation:


In the past, those churches that were wishy-washy on the truth of the Bible were in the minority. Today it can be argued they are predominant.

We hear barely a peep from Christian leaders and pastors as 1.4 million unborn children are slaughtered every year, and homosexual marriage—an abomination to God—is tolerated, often even promoted in churches that call themselves Christian.

Last night I watched President Obama’s speech on his strategy to defeat ISIS. And I understand the President is in a very tough situation—there are no really good options. But at the end of his speech, he closed with the same line every President uses when addressing the nation in a time of crisis: GOD BLESS AMERICA.

But let me ask this: just why WOULD God bless us? We have turned our back on Him; we have trampled His Word under our feet and unleashed the greatest wave of immorality in the history of any nation that claims Christianity as its roots.

And in less than 2 months we once again go to the polls and elect the next wave of politicians who claim they will change things—all the while running away from the teachings and principles of the One who created us—the One who will one day judge every one of us!

They say the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”. Well if that is true, we have truly reached the level of spiritual insanity in our nation. And the one thing that can change that—God’s ambassadors to this world, the church—seems content to just sit back quietly and fall into the abyss that we are headed.

Our nation is in serious, serious trouble. The economic and moral foundations upon which this nation was built are crumbling fast. And one day soon they might well collapse completely.


But what right do we as Christians have to expect this when we as the church is every bit as arrogant and self-absorbed as the leaders we elect?

The Church is God’s instrument for righteousness and justice in this world. Well the church in America seems to be in worse shape than even the nation in which we live.

It is time for Christian leaders—pastors, teachers, ministry leaders—to humble ourselves and admit the errors of our ways—throwing ourselves on the mercy of God and asking Him to forgive us and the nation we are suppose to influence.

But we seem far more interested in expanding our own personal kingdoms—bigger churches, more money, larger audiences. We would rather “claim prosperity and blessings in faith” instead of repenting of our sin and our addiction to money and power.

When this nation collapses, you can look to blame Republicans or Democrats; Conservatives or Liberals. Maybe that will make you feel a little better. But in truth look no further than your bathroom mirror Christian leaders. You who claim to be “God’s anointed”—well just what have we done with that supposed “anointing”?

Many self-professed Christian leaders in this nation have become politically-correct cowards, desiring to please men more than God. We are no better than politicians—we take polls and gather opinions of those we are to lead—and then we make decisions based on the will of the people rather than the will of God. We are indeed the Laodicea Church—the church of people’s opinions.

We think we are strong but we are poor, pitiful, blind and naked. We are more interested in “finding common ground” with apostates than we are in standing on the truth of God. We seek dialogue and common ground with anti-christ religions; we make our churches a den of robbers, thieves and unrepentant sinners—instead of inviting sinners to repent and turn from their evil ways by the power of the Cross.

God and God alone can save the United States of America. But first I think He wants to see that we who profess to be His are willing to take a stand for His righteousness and truth. And I, for one, am not so certain that the church in America has what it takes. We are becoming increasingly more like the world every day, instead of sticking out like a sore thumb.

Sin is always the problem. The effects of sin is what we see consuming our nation. The only solution to sin and its effects is humbling ourselves before a just God and repenting of our sinful state. Nothing short of that will spare us or our nation the wrath of God’s judgment.

Do we have what it takes? I would like to think so, but time will tell. Our nation teeters on the brink of judgment. Time is running out. God is patient, but not tolerant of unrepentant sin. The clock is ticking…