New Christian film, “The Song,” not for the kiddies

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There are a lot of great films out there that are family-friendly for Christians.
This one, however, is a little too, um, hot. The new film, “The Song,” is based on Song of Solomon, and rated PG-13.
But they’re advertising it more like the story of David when he commits adultery with Bathsheba.
The Song
In fact adultery and lust are key themes in this movie, which probably explains the PG-13 rating.
PG-13? For a Christian film?

The Song1

New movie, “The Song,” Inspired by the life and works of King Solomon,

You’re probably wondering right now, “hey, have you even seen the film? Well no, and neither has anyone else yet. It opens in select theaters September 26. That’s why this isn’t a review. I’m just noticing some things and asking questions about it.
“Well then you shouldn’t even be talking about it.” To which I would say, why in the world not? Everyone else is talking about it. In fact, the film makers are talking it up so that you will want to head to the theater with cash in hand.
Where is Jesus?
Who? Oh yeah, Him. Well apparently God doesn’t even make a fly-by appearance in this “Christian” film. So I guess we have to call it a “faith-based” film. I’m just not sure what or whom our faith is supposed to be in:

Religious audiences may be surprised to find that there is little overtly spiritual content in this “faith film.” With the exception of one subtle and almost ill-placed reference to “someone who loves you enough to die for you…” all God-talk is limited to sparsely-placed narration quoted from biblical poetry. Source: Christianity Today

The trailer alone may be a stumbling block for some. The first few minutes of this one contains the humble director interviewing the wild-eyed public relations guy who is hoping the film is Hollywood gold. Hip and Hilarious. I included this longer version because the trailer that is attached to this addresses the lure of the sexy songstress who tries to steal the pretty wife’s pretty husband. This might actually be a little more eye candy than you’d want your kids to see.

It sure does tug on the emotional heart strings. Now to be fair, I don’t know how sexual this movie gets. What we do know is that after boy meets girl and boy marries girl, their relationship is anything but a strong marriage under the umbrella of Christ. Spoiler – the husband does have sex with his stage siren.
But fans don’t seem to mind. And apparently church elders and pastors don’t either, because there is an entire full line “Pastor’s Kit” marketing package developed just to make Sunday mornings a little more fun for the viewing audience – er, congregants:

THE SONG is a music-driven love story, inspired by the life of Solomon and his writings. It’s a biblical adaption based on Ecclesiates and the Song of Solomon. A powerful telling with a central premise: Only God can truly give life meaning. We believe it is the most powerful couples film since Fireproof!
THE SONG is produced by City On A Hill Studio (makers of Not A Fan, Gods At War and AHA!) whose ministry work is used by over 15,000 churches. They have also created a full line of church resources (small group study and Pastor’s kit) engineered alongside the movie to help with ministry to young dating couples and those who are married. These church resources are lead by Teaching Pastor and Best selling author, Kyle Idleman of Southeast Christian church, one of the largest churches in America.

So what is a pastor going to do with a movie in which He-who-is-not-mentioned is glaringly absent? How will he feed his sheep the holy Word of God, and equip the saints to share the Hope we have in Christ Jesus?  Why like this, of course:

THE SONG Pastor’s Kit includes everything you need to plan a six-week teaching series around the concepts presented in THE SONG Small Group Study.

The Pastor’s Kit includes:

  • Special video message for pastors from Pastor Kyle Idleman
  • Video guide for implementing a church-wide program
  • Six sermon outlines:

Week 1: Deepening Desire

Week 2: Increasing Intimacy

Week 3: Fighting Fair

Week 4: Rediscovering Romance

Week 5: Cultivating commitment

Week 6: Savoring Spirituality

  • Six video illustrations to accompany each week’s sermon
  • A sermon bumper (short video clip to introduce each week’s sermon)
  • Digital art files to use in creation of bulletins and other promo materials
  • Episode One from The Song Small Group Study

The Pastor’s Kit can be used in conduction with the Small Group Study materials and Journal, or on its own.

Alrighty. I’ll be waiting for the real reviews to roll in. And I hope couples who are having marriage problems will come to understand that real love isn’t about putting your priorities in order with work and family – even nonbelievers do that. It’s about the love Christ showed His children when He stretched out His arms on a cross and shed his blood to cover our self-centered, prideful, idolatrous, adulterous sins.
Question to ask:
Should pastors and elders be doing Sunday sermons on a movie?
Will you see it?
(Hat Tip: Candace M.)