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We’ve documented just a few of the heartbreaking headlines and personal letters we’ve received about what happens to Christian sheep who don’t fit the “Mission and Values” of a new church paradigm. It’s a very sensitive subject, and anytime we broach the subject of alleged church abuse we want to do it with humility and prayer. We will be talking about some recent cases, and naming names, which are already widely publicized.

Our guest today, Sarah Leslie, and her team over at Discernment Research Group h has put together a well-researched series on this phenomena, where it came from and what the devastating results have been on the Body of Christ. Part I is titled, “We Are Not ABANDONED”  The Culture Which Gave Rise to Mark Driscoll. and Part II just posted this morning, titled, The Out-of-Control Bus That Runs Over Sheep, originally published at Sarah’s Herescope Blog.

These are lengthy and documented with links and footnotes – and very well worth your time to read. Once you have absorbed the content, you may need to pray about having conversations with those sheep – and leaders – who have blindly followed these models.

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