Zombie costumes continue as the No. 1 choice for Halloween events

Zombie costumes continue as the No. 1 choice for Halloween events

There’s no doubt that you as a Christian have been wondering about or even discussing with your friends the debate about Halloween, and we’re going to take on that subject later in the program:  Should Christians participate in Halloween, even for the sake of the Gospel? One ministry leader says Christians ought to be throwing the “biggest party on the block” to evangelize.

Plus, a story of one church in Oklahoma that is offering free beer at one of its services to entice seekers to find out more about Jesus.

But first, a pastoral response to what’s going on in Houston, where pastors last week were subpoenaed for their sermons by a Mayor, who demanded sermons related to homosexuals, gender identity, or Mayor Annise Parker – Houston’s first openly lesbian mayor. That demand was retracted and replaced by amended subpoenas – which do require the pastors to turn over all speeches or presentations related to 17 different categories of information.

Today’s Episode:

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Joining us is Pastor Jerry Lewin, from CrossPoint Church in De Pere, Wis.  Nationally there is going to be a webcast in Houston called, I stand Sunday at 6 p.m. November 2 at Grace Community Church in Houston.

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