ghostShould we impart an anointing of the Spirit on someone’s head?  Does the Holy Spirit posses us, or indwell us?  Yes, big difference between these two terms. Here is a new video series from film producers Tim Wirth and Sandy Simpson, two watchmen who have created a youtube channel to expose some very concerning the false Signs and Wonders movement in the visible church.

There are about seven movies in the series. Each video is about an hour and is full of research information to help you discern.

Up first:  Holy Ghost Movie Exposé

“We are exposing the current Holy Ghost movie as another spirit and another Jesus, not the true Holy Spirit. During our expose of the Holy Ghost movie we also used other clips from outside the movie to make our point and show the various walks from these people that were interviewed for this movie,” says Wirth.

It’s very good information, but prepare to be VERY disturbed if you’ve never seen someone rolling on the ground screaming and moaning before. (30-minutes in or so.) Is this the Holy Spirit, or another spirit of the age?