Often believers are told they are intolerant, unloving and narrow-minded for not going with the flow of an ever-changing culture. Many Bible believing Christians are dismayed by the way they are being rejected by not just the world, but their friends, family members and even those in their church for standing firm on God’s Word as truth. But we’re told not to be surprised when these things happen, and certainly not to be troubled. When we love God above what others think of us, it honors and pleases Him.

Joining us today is Scott Alan Buss, author and also contributing writer here at Stand Up For The Truth. ), Scott’s books include, The Beginning of Knowledge: Christ as Truth in Apologetics, and his latest articles include Weaponized “Love”: The perversion of Christian love into a weapon of Christian persecution.

Stand Up For The Truth is a radio and online ministry that covers news of the day, trends in the church and theological issues that Christians deal with and talk about every day, and we give you a place to be educated, equipped and connected to help you discern along the way. But most importantly, we point you to Christ Jesus as our Savior, and His Word – the Scriptures, as the truth that you can depend on. In fact, you should filter everything you read, hear and consume as a believer – including what you find on this program – through the Scriptures to see if it lines up.