A little later we are going to respond to an email we got at the end of the program yesterday from Therese, who shared:

I have been told I am losing my joy in the Lord because I have Been trying to wake up my family to the wolves in the church.

We promised we’d get to that today, and we also posted her comment on our Facebook Page and asked, “Have you been there? What would your advice be?  More than 70 of you responded, and we’ll share some of your comments.

Police State martial law

Is there such a thing as a proper resistance to tyranny, or are we to obey at all times? We know God’s Word tells us that we are to obey the leaders that He has either put before us or has allowed: Leaders in our churches, leaders in our government and in the workplace.  But how do we weigh obeying God if some of those leaders are challenging us to compromise?   There is something called a “doctrine of the lesser magistrate,” and it’s a way for us to navigate this era we find ourselves in, when our constitution is being trampled and God’s Word is increasingly being replaced with a watered-down gospel.

Today we have with us Pastor Matthew Trewhella, and he has written a book titled, The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates: A Proper Resistance to Tyranny and a Repudiation of Unlimited Obedience to Civil Government. 

Today’s Episode:

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Matthew Trewhella is pastor of Mercy Seat Christian Church in the Milwaukee, WI area and founder of Missionaries to the Preborn. Through his research and teaching on the biblical duties of the lower magistrate, he came across the Magdeburg Confession, an important historical work that became the first in the history of mankind to set forth in a doctrinal format what only later came to be known as the Lesser Magistrate Doctrine. Pastor Trewhella and his wife Clara live in the Milwaukee, WI area. They have eleven children. You can connect with him at his blog here.