Today we are talking about education, Common Core, and homeschooling. There are many new options for parents who are considering homeschooling, and many of you are considering it – or wish you had. If you’re a teacher, you may have gone into public education with the best of intentions, only to be frustrated by a system that isn’t allowing you the power in your classroom to teach, and one that is  increasingly pushing you and parents out of the education process. (See our story on AGENDA 21 IN ONE EASY LESSON.)

Joining us today are two guests from the Freedom Project Education, an international accredited home school system that is turning three years old now with students in 49 states and 5 countries: Dominican Republic, Germany, Canada and Mexico and Uruguay.

On the phone we have Mary Black, the  student development director from Indiana, and Dave Drake is the director of development and outreach.

Freedom Project Education enrollment starts at 8 a.m. First come first served!

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Understand that there are many resources connecting the dots between Common Core, government, food, global corporations and education. It’s all about intelligence gathering and control: