Today Mike looks back on 2014 and looks ahead at what’s in store for Stand Up For The Truth in the year ahead. Plus, Mike also takes a look at an interesting op-ed article titled, One Word Changes Everything; Can You Handle The Truth?

Our guest today is from  Answers in Genesis, one of the largest apologetics ministries in the world, headquartered in Petersberg, Kentucky, along with its Creation MuseumTim Chaffey is one of AIG’s researchers and an expert in biblical and theological studies.

Tim works at Answers in Genesis as a writer and editor in the Web Department. Tim is also a cancer survivor and has authored/co-authored several books, including Old-Earth Creationism on Trial, God and Cancer, and The Truth Chronicles series.  You can check out Tim’s latest publications on his Midwest Apologetics site.

Tim is also a die-hard “Cheesehead,” having grown up in the Green Bay area and graduating from Bay Port.

Answers…with Ken Ham, a daily radio feature heard on over 500 stations worldwide, along with AiG’s popular and award-winning Answers Magazine are both great resources for your research.

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