A false revival is coming. Do you hear laughter?

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"Holy Laughter" at a Rodney Howard Browne event

“Holy Laughter” at a Rodney Howard Browne event

Today in the modern church a big storm is brewing, and with it we’re seeing:

  • More direct revelation and extra-biblical experiences
  • More signs and wonders/mysticism
  • More merging and melding of religions and movements
  • More entertainment-driven services
  • More New Age conferences blending with “Christian” leadership
  • More false christs

Warren Smith is the author of the book, “Another Jesus” Calling: How False Christs are Entering the Church through Contemplative Prayer.” Is a must read. He is also the author of several pamphlets available at Lighthouse Trails, including the brand new, False Revival Coming Part I: Holy Laughter or Strong Delusion? We’ve reposted it with permission, and it is available for purchase now at Lighthouse Trails Publishing.
One of the names you’ll hear mentioned on today’s program is Rodney Howard Browne, considered the father of the “Holy Laughter Movement.”
Here is a very disturbing clip of what this looks and sounds like:

Browne has not repented, nor has he gone away. For the past several summers (and this July as well), he has been a political darling of the New Apostolic Reformation and Washington D.C. Daughters of the American Revolution event called, CELEBRATE AMERICA DC, with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, and Michelle Bachman. “We came here on assignment. God told me to go to the United States,” Browne said. “He said, ‘I am sending you as a missionary to the United States.’” He said there is a coming revival and the church must get ready.  Source:
Other research articles mentioned today:

Today’s Episode:

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