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It’s “movie day” on today’s program!  Grab your popcorn and join us as we discuss the mass marketing of films into the church.  One of those is Roma Downey’s latest miniseries, “A.D.,” which comes complete with sermon series DVDs and small group study guides.
In a non-film story all too common today: How to grow your church. A church growth guru explains, but is something missing?
And here’s a film you’ll want to download and share:
Wait til it's free
Free health care sounds like such a great idea, doesn’t it? But there are huge ramifications for Christians. We can talk about coverage for unbiblical practices now – like abortion and sex change operations, but that’s just the beginning. Wait until socialized medicine is free.
What happens when the government can’t fund coverage for the sick, the disabled and the elderly? Will our government now be in the business of selecting who lives and who dies?
Our guest today in studio is film producer Colin Gunn, who is launching his latest documentary, the long-awaited, WAIT TILL IT’S FREE:

Today’s Episode:

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