EconomyAs the rest of the world slides toward economic chaos and fear, what should our response be?   Christians should know the dangers of placing too much importance on money or the government to take care of them. But yet our government has been training us for decades to be dependent on what they provide, and if something were to happen – say a financial collapse or a natural disaster, we would be in a weakened position if not completely helpless.  How should we be preparing now for when tough times hit?

There seems to be a couple of popular schools of thought. You can operate out of fear and store up treasures for yourself. But is that the best or biblical way to take care of one another?

Today we’re going to discuss thoughts on fellowship based on loving one another and utilizing our gifts, skills and resources when tough times hit. Because the only thing we should be completely dependent upon is God.

Today’s Episode:

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Joining us for this segment is Doug Wakefield, president of Best Minds, Inc. Doug has been in the financial industry as an advisor for 29 years, the last 10 years focusing on research.