Question Evolution DayThis weekend hundreds of churches around the nation are celebrating, are you ready? Evolution. (See, Hundreds of ‘Churches’ To Celebrate ‘Evolution Sunday’ As Others Celebrate ‘Creation Sunday’

In our first segment we are joined by Bob Sorensen, creator of Question Evolution Day (February 12, Darwin’s birthday). It was Inspired by the “Question Evolution! Campaign” of CMI. (“The Question Evolution Project is an ongoing information resource that spearheads Question Evolution Day.) Question Evolution Day has several purposes. One is very basic, to support people who want to say, “I don’t believe in evolution, here are my reasons…” A second is to show people that there is indeed scientific evidence refuting evolution and supporting creation. Third, we hope to prompt people to consider evidence against evolution and supporting creation that they may have not known about before.

We are also joined by Jay Seegert, an author, international speaker and co-founder of the  Creation Education Center. Jay knows well the attacks on God’s Word, and has been on the front lines shining light of Truth for many years. He is the author of a great resource book titled, Creation & Evolution: Compatible or in Conflict?

Today’s Episode:

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